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EBITADA and Leveraging Business Value

Moving A Business Towards An "Ideal" Business Model

Conceptual Innovations, LLC,  is the leading provider of proprietary tools and training for maximizing business value not just sales. We have been dedicated for over 30 years assisting businesses move closer to an “ideal business” model, often hands-on initiating an earnings move.  Companies with whom our teams work with realize up to a thirty percent increase in discretionary earnings, with a corresponding increase in owner’s equity of 2.5 to 3.0 times this amount.


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Discovery and Value Brief Consultation

Complmentary Reviews

Increasing Discretionary Earnings

Marketing Plan to Value Plan

Balance In Your Business

Hands On Initiative Implementation

Proposal for Implementation

Teeter Totter

Law of Future Business Value


Future business value is determined by hope while capturing current market share.


Business Brokers and Appraisers do not use market potential to value a business.  We hear a lot about the American Dream.  Before the Dream is the reality of making business value. This preliminary area forms a dream-line.  From what is my company now worth to what could it be worth in the future (with the right earnings move).Wants and needs of an individual along with efficiency and innovation come to play.  There is a lot of confusion with area especially projecting a business value based on potential customer’s needs and wants. Full Sory - Hit Button

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